Remote Backup

Your data is a precious and irreplaceable asset for your and your business. Anyone who has ever had a hard drive crash knows that recreating that data can be an exhausting process. For some companies that process of data recreation is too exhausting and expensive. It is estimated that thirty percent of companies that experience data loss will shutdown shortly after. 

Why Is Backing Up Important?


TCS BackupIn your computer holds all of your most precious information. All of your documents, pictures, music, videos, financial information and email is stored on a hard drive which is not immune to failure. When a hard drive fails, there is a very small chance that any of this data can be recovered. For people whose hard drive fails and they are not running a backup, this can be a devastating loss. This is especially true for the business owner. With TCS backup you never have to worry about losing your data ever again. We provide a zero monitoring service that will allow you to rest easier. Our software will backup all of your documents, pictures, music, videos, financial information, and emails to our military grade encrypted servers. Also, there is nothing required from you to ensure that the software runs. Our intelligent reporting features will alert us if we do not receive a backup from you in more than 24 hours. At that point if we do not receive a backup, one of our trained technicians will personally get in contact with you to make sure that the software is running correctly or to see if the computer perhaps had been turned off. This is not just a residential solution for backing up. We also offer the service to businesses with up to 75 employees. For the businesses, we can back up all of your workstations, tablets and servers. In addition to having military grade encrypted servers, we have two locations in which your data is stored. This ensures that even if one of our locations is lost your data stored securely at a separate location. 


How Much Does It Cost? 

For only $99, we guarantee that all of your data is securely backed up at both of our local storage facilities. Do you have multiple computers that you want to backup? We offer special discounts for households and businesses who want to backup multiple workstations.  


How Do I SignUp For This Service?  

A brief phone call to one of our skilled technicians will get you set up with TCS backup. Once you have confirmed the number of computers that you wish to backup, our technicians will remotely install the software on your computers and configure the backups is no additional charge. The first backup always takes the longest and may require you to leave your computer untouched for up to 24 hours in order to get the fastest backup speed. If you prefer, you may bring your computer into one of our two locations where we will copy the backup directly from the computer to our servers. This process will decrease your initial backup time by 50%. 


How Does This Service Work? 

After the first backup has been complete incremental updates will be done after that. Any time you create, edit, delete or move a file our software will make those changes instantly. This incremental backup normally takes about three minutes and does not require you to stop using your computer.