Apple Repairs

With the growing popularity of Apple products, Total Computer Services is pleased to announce that we are now qualified to diagnose and repair any of your Apple products. Whether it’s a broken screen or corrupt operating system we had the capability to resolve your issues.

How Much Will My Apple Cost To Repair?


Apple products and I will know for their complexity and difficulty in disassembling and repairing. It is a known fact that repairing an Apple product is more expensive than repairing a PC with the exact same issue. Total Computer Services strives to deliver quality repair at bargain prices. If you have an Apple product need of physical repair, we replace the affected hardware with warranty parts. Some of our competitors have been known to replace Apple hardware with products they have purchased from eBay. Off the time these products do not come with a warranty and have a very short life. It is our goal to fix the computer and fix it right. That is why we order warranty parts and we search many different distributors to find you the best prices. In addition, our diagnostic fee does not change if you bring in an Apple product. The diagnostic fee for the PC and the Apple product are the same.