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I had used several different computer "experts" in the New Hope - Doylestown area over the past fifteen years. While some of them were satisfactory others were miserable in both their attitude and the quality of their work. Recently when my computer started acting up, I needed a reliable source to help me with the problem. My backdoor neighbor recommended Total Computer Service to me since a good friend of his had used them and that friend was happy with the service and the fair price that he paid to accomplish the fix. I have to say that my computer was on its last legs when I finally brought the CPU in for a look-see. Less than two days later, I have what I would consider a brand new computer! Thank you Total Computer Services. If I need you again, I will be back!
Date of Posting: 17 March 2014
Posted By: John
I love Total Computer and especially, Max! Max is helpful, friendly, and trustworthy. I would never go anywhere else. I am typing from my fabulous new computer that was highly recommended by Max, and I am thrilled with it. I'll look forward to doing business with them again.
Date of Posting: 19 April 2013
Posted By: Catherine Nagle
I first used Total Computer Services in April 2012 when I was experiencing major issues with my laptop. They worked extensively to isolate the problem, clean up the system, update my anti-virus/spyware subscriptions and help me set up an easy/regular backup schedule. Max provided the service and routinely takes my calls and is happy to answer quick questions that I have. Now, April 2013, I'm back for my annual subscription updates and system review. As always, I received excellent, professional service from Max and am set for the next year.
Date of Posting: 19 April 2013
Posted By: Amy
Having come out of a Corporate working environment I am comfortable with a network. A friend recomended TCS. One stop and all was set up and backed up. Max was most helpful with my questions. All was fixed and ready to go same day. Thanks!
Date of Posting: 05 July 2012
Posted By: Nancy Chalfont
My first encounter with Total Computer Services was September, 2011, when my computer was in dire straits. The service was totally satisfactory. My son's two computers are being serviced now (the first is done and the second will be picked up tomorrow.) This service has been excellent as well. I recommend Total Computer Services without reservation.
Date of Posting: 20 June 2012
Posted By: Norman
Total Computer Services was able to isolate the issue and get my computer fixed and back to me in 2 days. The service is always quick and efficient. I take my computers there regularly if there are any issues,
Date of Posting: 29 May 2012
Posted By: Anthony
Great same day service after HD failure. Reload and up and running same day. These guys are pro's.
Date of Posting: 01 May 2012
Posted By: John
I found Total Computer in the phone book and decided to go local to purchase my computer and I have been very happy with the service I have received from both Bill and Max. Max has been great on the phone when I need help.
Date of Posting: 18 April 2012
Posted By: Marge
I have been using Total Computer Services for my personal computer needs for four years and have found the staff and owner to be very professiona and helpful. I am somewhat challenged in the technology world but the folks at TCS have alway taken time to answer my questions. Their turnaround time is very quick and they have recommended the scale and level of products that I need- no more and no less - to make my computer use more productive and enjoyable.
Date of Posting: 10 April 2012
Posted By: George
Date of Posting: 07 April 2012
Posted By: Heather

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